Culinary Video Series 2020

8 Episodes

Each week our host, Allan Cayenne, explored different foods and visited restaurants across the Region to get their take on classic German favourites.

Episode 1: Chef D – Sausage white bean and roasted tomato soup & chorizo goulash
Episode 2: Grainharvest
Episode 3: Concordia Pork Schnitzel
Episode 4: Chef D – Cheddar and Beer Dip with Grainharvest Pretzel
Episode 5: Charcoal Stuffed Chicken Schnitzel Sandwichdownload recipe
Episode 6: Schwaben Cabbage Rolls
Episode 7: Chef D – Roulade, ground pork and chorizo stuffing and Bourbon butter sauce
Episode 8: Charcoal German Apple Cake (GF)download recipe

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