Culinary Video Series

8 Episodes
September 11 – October 7

Is there anything better than the smell of a freshly baked pretzel, schnitzel with sauerkraut, or sausage topped with grainy mustard? Our culinary video series presented by Schneiders will entice even the most novice chefs to try their hand at German cooking.

Each week our host, Allan Cayenne, will explore different foods and visit restaurants across the Region to get their take on classic German favourites.

September 11 – Episode 1: Chef D – Sausage white bean and roasted tomato soup & chorizo goulash
September 16 – Episode 2: Grainharvest
September 21 – Episode 3: Concordia Pork Schnitzel
September 25 – Episode 4: Chef D – Cheddar and Beer Dip with Grainharvest Pretzel
September 27 – Episode 5: Charcoal Stuffed Chicken Schnitzel Sandwichdownload recipe
October 1 – Episode 6: Schwaben Cabbage Rolls
October 5 – Episode 7: Chef D – Roulade, ground pork and chorizo stuffing and Bourbon butter sauce
October 7 – Episode 8: Charcoal German Apple Cake (GF)download recipe

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