Oktoberfest at the Schwaben Club

“The Schwaben Club is a cultural Danube Swabian organization that has existed for over 80 years in this area,” according to Past President George Kraehling. The club has had active theatre and German language groups since the early 1930’s and has been involved with Oktoberfest since its inception, and its folk-dance groups will certainly be in action during the festival, notes Kraehling.

With its varied heritage of peoples from along the Danube River and Yugoslovia, Hungary, Romania, and Germany, Schwaben Club members “have special traditions from these countries that we’re dedicated to preserving and passing on to our children, the German language above all,” Kraehling adds. Oktoberfest is always a busy and important time of the year for the club. “We see our role in Oktoberfest as being a good citizen and an outstanding and congenial host.”

Events at the Schwaben Club

september, 2022

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