Hubertushaus: German-Canadian Hunting and Fishing Club

With roots from virtually all regions of German-speaking Europe, the German-Canadian Hunting and Fishing Club was founded by a group of members with a special interest in hunting, wildlife and the natural environment at its club of 8-acres just west of Kitchener.

During Oktoberfest, the organization is known as Hubertushaus. Founded in 1954, the club rolled out its first Oktoberfest barrel in 1984. club members are dedicated to preserving the German language and maintaining German customs and traditions. That includes hunters’ day, fish-fry events, Schlachtfest, Jagerball, and Bogenschuetzenfest – an archery competition and long-running Oktoberfest cultural event that takes place on the Thanksgiving weekend.

Rollbraten-pork tenderloin barbeque on a rotisserie served with home-made spaetzle and homemade tortes top the list of delicacies that Hubertushaus is recognized for. “Whether it is the food, the dance, the music, the hospitality, Oktoberfest gives us an opportunity to show off our German culture,”

Fri. Oct. 11 – 6:30pm-12:30am
Sat. Oct. 12 – 6:30pm-12:30am
Sun. Oct. 13 – 11:30am-3:30pm Family Day
Fri. Oct. 18 – 6:30pm-12:30am
Sat. Oct 19 – 6:30pm-12:30am

Events at Hubertushaus

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