With a near 60-year history, our festival owes its success to our dedicated team, including our staff, Board of Directors, Operations Council, and hundred of volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering, we invite you to fill out the application form online. For more information, contact us.

2023 Board of Directors 

Kw Oktoberfest Board Of Directors

Allan Cayenne
President, 2022-2023
Peak Realty Ltd.

Chef D

Darryl Fletcher
2nd Vice President

Tim Beckett

Tim Beckett
Past President, 2019-2022
The Office of the Fire Marshal

Kw Oktoberfest Board Of Directors

Andrew Roth
Miller Thompson LLP

Kw Oktoberfest Board Of Directors

Jesse Dugard
BMO Nesbitt Burns

Kw Oktoberfest Board Of Directors

Mohsan Abdullah
Token Creative Services

Kw Oktoberfest Board Of Directors

Sandra Dynka
Wildcard and Co.

Kw Oktoberfest Board Of Directors

Kirk Hanke
German Club Representative

Kw Oktoberfest Board Of Directors

Tim Hattle
Hattle Framing Inc.


Nicole Brown
Culinary Tourism Alliance

Kw Oktoberfest Board Of Directors

Kerry-Lynn Wilkie

Tracy Van Kalsbeek Headshot 1

Tracy Van Kalsbeek
Executive Director
K-W Oktoberfest Inc.

Operations Council

Community Advisory Council

Neil Aitchison
Tim Anderson
Jeyas  Balaskanthan
Tim Beckett
Dietmar Biselli
Jack Bishop
Paul Buttinger
Bob Cheyne
Helen Chimirri-Russell
Mike Collins
Bill Creighton
Mark Crowell
Vic Degutis
Greg Durocher

Stephanie Egan
Bob Gilmore
Henning Grumme
Richard Hepditch
Glenn Herold
Margo Jones
Linda Jutzi
Rob Kerr
Alex Kinsella
Janet Kunsch
Owen Lackenbauer
Alfred Lowrick
Ian McLean
Christine Michaud
Keith Muller

Lois Peterson
Hans Roach
Michele Saran
Reinhard Schmidt
Dave Schnider
Nicky Schroder-Keary
Carol Sherban-Kirby
Megan Spenler
Harry Vogt
Berry Vrbanovic
Glen Walker
Shannon Weber
Kristin Wever
Don Willcox

Kwo Webbanner Volunteers V2
Kwo Webbanner Volunteers V1