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Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Announces the 2012 Parade Grand Marshal


(Waterloo Region, Canada – September 26, 2012) Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest is pleased to announce the 2012 Media Meister, sponsored by Digital North, and the Parade Grand Marshal for the 2012 Thanksgiving Day Parade!

This year’s Parade Grand Marshals are Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens, hosts of the popular History Channel program Canadian Pickers.

About Scott Cozens

What began as a childhood hobby has since grown into a lifelong pursuit for passionate picker Scott Cozens. Once a journeyman electrician who now works as a full-time Alberta lawyer, Scott loves leaving the office behind to head out on a no-holds-barred picking expedition. And, with his keen eye for detail and a soft spot for 20th Century Collectibles, can scan a room for treasure in no time flat!

Sheldon Smithens

A third generation antiques dealer, auctioneer and appraiser by trade Sheldon Smithens has an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything rare and collectible, and teaches continuing education courses in antiques collecting at the University of Calgary. With his particular interest in fine antiques and anything involving Canadian history, Sheldon loves to get his hands dirty and dive into a good pick. But as much as he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, he’s just as passionate about the people and stories he encounters along the way.

"I’m interested in people as much as their stuff,” Sheldon says. “Often we end up as friends, and friends sometimes get to see what’s hidden in the attic.”

Now in its third season, Canadian Pickers take hosts Scott and Sheldon on an incredible coast-to-coast adventure rummaging through barns, basements, and attics, in search of the perfect pick.

Scott and Sheldon will make appearances as special guests of the Kitchener Opening Ceremonies at Kitchener City Hall on Friday, October 5th, and will appear in the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade on Monday, October 8th at 8:30am.

2012 Media Meister Announced

The Media Meister is the winner of a challenge for radio stations to get creative and come up with a Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest version of a popular song that reflects the genre of their station. This year the station that can declare themselves the 2012 Media Meister is KFUN 99.5 FM, whose song “Okto-Bladi Okto-Blada,” a spoof on Oh Bladi Oh Blada by The Beatles, can be heard on the Morning Show. This Media Meister challenge, sponsored by Digital North, was announced at Media Night on Wednesday, September 26th at Chicopee Haus. The Media Meister will appear in the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade on Monday, October 8th.


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